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Pool, bubble tea, karaoke

Carmen Weld - Sep 10, 2015 / 7:33 pm | Story: 147451   If you need a little liquid courage to take over a karaoke mic, this may not be the place for you – but it does have video games, pool, bubble tea and the chance to sing your heart out. HQ49 has opened its doors in Rutland. “HQ49 is an all-ages family place,” says 25-year-old Chun Li ,who co-owns the business with his brother. “We really felt that, within the Rutland area especially, we needed a more positive image and a better hangout place that is easy access, where you don't...

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A First Timer Tries Detroit Bubble Tea

(Crystal A. Proxmire, April 9, 2016) Ferndale, MI – This one time while visiting a Chinese bakery a friend of mine’s kid got a “bubble tea.”  It was made out of iced green tea and little tapioca balls at the bottom.  At the time I was a Coca-Cola addict and rarely drank anything else.  But the little boy insisted that I try it.  I took a sip and he laughed when I made the “ick” face. I just assumed that all bubble tea tasted like that. And I mean no offense to green tea drinkers at all.  My taste buds...

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The four-year spread of bubble tea across the UK

Four years ago bubble tea was relatively unknown in the UK, but the drinks are now ubiquitous on High Streets, from cities to small towns, writes Lucy Townsend. It is often brightly coloured, sometimes served with milk, with a layer of jelly-like globules - tapioca balls - that settle at the bottom of the cup. Drunk through an extra thick straw with a spoon-shaped tip, it is a mouthful of tea and chewiness - both a drink and a snack, Chorley in Lancashire got its first bubble tea bar in July. Huddersfield has Bubble n Shake, there is a mobile...

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No Longer a Pop-up, The Boba Guys Serve Organic Bubble Tea in SoHo

Catalina Gonella, Contributing WriterFebruary 24, 2016   After several successful New York pop-ups, The Boba Guys, an artisan bubble tea store, opened a SoHo location this year. Claiming to serve “the highest quality boba milk tea in the world,” Boba Guys started originally in San Francisco, California and has found success with their new location on Clinton Street. What sets Boba Guys apart from other boba tea shops is the higher standards to which they hold themselves. What makes them the best? They use no powders, their teas are loose-leaf and all of their syrups are homemade. Their milks are...

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Bubble Tea – What is it, and why do we like it?

By: Seoulful Bubble Tea. It's a drink, it's a snack, and it's fun for all! For those of us who have uncovered its delicious and convenient qualities, it is certainly a favorite. But to many, Bubble Tea is a mysterious drink they have yet to encounter. Here, I will explain the properties of Bubble Tea, and tell you why you should make it a point to drink this sensational beverage more often. The Tea Bubble Tea, like any other tea, can come in all sorts of delightful flavours. Fruits and other foods add a surprising kick to the tea. Because...

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